Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Gone are the days where landline telephones are used to communicate with the people across the world with the booming of mobile communication.Mobility and added features of the mobile phones gives more credit for mobile usage among the people.These lead to the scenario where less people using land lines which were considered to be the popular communication device.With the introduction of smart phones with added features like Wi-Fi,Email,TV on mobile etc made people to be crazy of mobile phones.
Internet on mobile gives the youngsters and corporates the extra boost and helps to access the internet on the go.With the service providers having tie up with the popular search engines like Yahoo,Google etc., web search through mobile phones have been made easy.Interestingly,Yahoo wins Tmobile deal for the mobile search engine.T-Mobile has reported that Yahoo will be the most used search provider in Europe.There are also reports saying that T- Mobile will be partnering with 11 European countries for mobile services. This means that Yahoo’s One Search page will be the default on the T- Mobile phones. This will benefit both the market leaders and also the users.