Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Whenever I think of SUV,the car which first strikes my mind is Land Rover.Land Rover cars are well known for its performance and luxury.Land Rover Freelander has set new standards for compact,premium 4x4s.Freelander has outstanding on-road and off-road performances.Land Rover Freelander 2TD 4 HSE is the latest version of Freelander.First generation Freelander is already a popular model among the Land Rover enthusiasts and this Freelander2 with added design and additional features is attracting many people to buy it.One of the UK’s most popular newspaper ‘The Independent’ has reviewed the Freelander2 and has given a final verdict of the car in their motoring section.This review has a proper comparison with the first generation Freelander to give a better idea about this car to the people.They have given the design specifications of the car along with their price tag.From this review the reader can make out that the Freelander2 has added style and design compared to its previous version.Also Freelander2 is larger than first generation Freelander giving the advantage of additional space and comfort.To know more about this Freelander model read the review about the car in ‘The Independent’.