Sunday, July 27, 2008


Last year racing world found a new racing hero Lewis Hamilton.McLaren found a fabulous replacement for Kimi Raikkonen but his rookie campaign ended in vain by loosing the world championship just by a single point.I am not disappointed as I am a big fan of Kimi.Lewis started this season at the top but lost the momentum in the middle and regained his leading spot once again after two successful run in Silverstone and Hockenheim.Who is going to be the new champion? Will Kimi be the two time champion? Will fortune be in Lewis side? Well we have to wait and watch.
Lewis is technically good driver and but still I cant consider him as a champion driver.I give my reasons.The reasons are simple.If you count the races he won, almost each start is from pole position except this season's Silverstone race.And don't forget its the home of Lewis and McLaren.And yes it is hard to get that pole position but he is driving for highly technical team.He never proved himself a great driver when he was started from the back.Races in Magny Cours this season and Sao Paulo last season are good examples of his skills where he was made to start at the middle of the grid.If anyone had watched the Michael Schumacher's final race of his career at Sao Paulo where he started at 10th(if I'm not wrong) but his tyres got teared off with a clash with Fisichella and he was lapping the leader Massa at the earlier stages of the race(maybe less than the 5th lap) but he ended the race at the 4th position.Unbelievable racing.Even Kimi Raikkonen is better at pressure situations.I can still hear commentators saying Lewis had a great first win in Montreal last season even though there was 4 safety car periods.But I can say that Lewis was lucky enough to be well positioned behind safety car each time finishing the pit stop at the right time.I didn't deny he is a good driver .Of course he is a great driver but still he is not the one to be called a champion driver.Still races are left out and as a Kimi fan I still believe Kimi will win the championship this year and once again I pity Massa for not showing his class.

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